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Ever Wondered What’s In A “Grow With Me Package” With Then Now & Forever Photography?

Baby Photo Shoot Edmonton: The Grow With Me Package is a Special Package that covers the whole first year of your new baby’s milestone sessions (Newborn Photography Edmonton).

There are 4 main sessions:

  • Newborn Photography Edmonton, 4 month or “tummy time”,
  • 7 month or “sitting up”
  • and finally the First Year Celebration/ Cake Smash.
  • At the end of the year your images are highlighted in a beautiful album for you to cherish and keep forever.

I am highlighting one of my recent “Grow With Me package” clients here so you can see what they typical year holds
Rhianna and Travis originally found me at the “Mom Pop & Tot Trade” show in 2016 when I had my display booth set up. Shortly after that trade show, I had the honor of Capturing their little guy Emmerson’s first birthday session.

THE NEWBORN SESSION|Newborn Photography Edmonton

When they found out they were expecting baby #2, Rhianna contacted me right away to start planning!

Emmerson was only about 20 months old at the time and he was so fun!

image of family and newborn baby- Newborn Photography Edmontonimage of mom and newborn baby girl in poses- Newborn Photography Edmonton

Rhianna and Travis are huge Star Wars fans, so we had to incorporate this theme into their session.  Baby Arya made the sweetest little princess Leia.

image of newborn baby girl as princess leia with star wars stuffy characters on either side

THE 4 MONTH SESSION: Newborn Photography Edmonton

Usually around the 4 month mark is when babies begin to really enjoy “tummy time” so this is a really great time for the next milestone session to happen.  In general we want babies to be able to hold themselves up on their arms for at least a few seconds.

At this point Rhianna and Travis got to experience a very mobile Emmerson, and a baby who wanted to put everything in her mouth.  It was a fun and exhausting baby photo shoot Edmonton session for everyone, haha

iamges of family of four posing for portraits

But just look at how beautiful Arya looks surrounded by purple!image collage of 4 month old baby girl with tulips and lilac surrounding her in a basket

Pink was also her color! |Baby Photo Shoot Edmonton

images of 4 month old baby girl in pink on her tummyimage of 4 month old girl on tummy time

THE 8 MONTH SESSION: Baby Photo Shoot Edmonton

By 7-8 months, babies are getting their core strength and beginning to be more upright.  This is the perfect time to capture the next milestone which is “sitting up

Arya was getting more mobile by this point and still a super smiley and happy baby!

image collage of family of four posing for portraitsimages of family of four posing for portraitsimage collage of baby girl at 8 month old posing for photos

I am asked at almost every sitter session to capture this one image of baby’s bum with all the bears, it is one of my faves to and white image of 8 month baby girl bum shot sitting with bears

THE 12 MONTH SESSION: Baby Photo Shoot Edmonton

The last milestone that completes the package is of course the First Year Celebration, which includes portraits and the cake smash.

Parents will usually have a theme in mind for the cake smash, In this case Rhianna wanted “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” – so I put together a set just for her.

As with each session in the package, we start with family and sibling portraits.

Image collage of family posing for portraitsimage collage of 12month old girl and big brother posing for portraits

Then we move on into the set that will be used for the cake smash.  Images of baby girl in twinkle twinkle little star set up for birthday session

Followed by adding the cake into the set and waiting to see if baby has any interest at all in the cake……..I think we can all agree that Arya loved her cake.

I get all of my wonderful and tasty cakes from Jacqueline at Cake affair in Spruce Grove.  Image collage of baby girl at her first birthday cake smash session

Once the cake smashing has come to an end, we clean up in the most fun of ways…..a bubble tub!  images of baby girl after cake smash in a bubble bath

What better way to capture and preserve the first year of milestones for your little one, and your family?

If you would like more information on booking your own Grow With Me Package for your baby, contact me today so we can chat. Feel free to contact us for all your queries. We, at the best Newborn Photography Edmonton studio, are waiting for your messages regarding baby photo shoot Edmonton sessions!